Deaver Jeffery - The Blue Nowhere

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Автор: Deaver Jeffery
Название: The Blue Nowhere
Жанр: Триллер
The powerful new thriller from the author of THE DEVIL'S TEARDROP and THE EMPTY CHAIR. In Jeff's most chilling and topical thriller to date, we meet the most powerful and modern of criminals, the uber-hacker. Trawling both on and off the Net, he can follow your every move, your every detail and your every communication. He can invade your life before taking it away from you. This is the novel that will stop you ever turning your computer on again. Ranged against this modern day mastermind are two new heros. Frank Bishop, a streetwise but very human cop, and his unwilling ally, Wyatt Gillette, a young, brilliant and idealistic hacker who found himself in prison, but now has been liberated to fight this incipient disaster.


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Deaver Jeffery
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