Barrett Andrea - Voyage of the Narwhal

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Автор: Barrett Andrea
Название: Voyage of the Narwhal
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: W. W. Norton & Company
Год издания: 1999
Capturing a crucial moment in the history of exploration — the mid-nineteenth century romance with the Arctic — Andrea Barrett's compelling novel tells the story of a fateful expedition. Through the eyes of the ship's scholar-naturalist, Erasmus Darwin Wells, we encounter the 's crew, its commander, and the far-north culture of the Esquimaux. In counterpoint, we meet the women left behind in Philadelphia, explorers only in imagination. Together, those who travel and those who stay weave a web of myth and mystery, finally discovering what they had not sought, the secrets of their own hearts.


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Barrett Andrea
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