Baxter Stephen - The Science of Avatar

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Автор: Baxter Stephen
Название: The Science of Avatar
Жанр: Научпоп
Издательский дом: Orbit
Год издания: 2012
Audiences around the world have been enchanted by James Cameron’s visionary , with its glimpse of the Na’vi on the marvelous world of Pandora. But the movie is not entirely a fantasy; there is a scientific rationale for much of what we saw on the screen, from the possibility of travel to other worlds, to the life forms seen on screen and the ecological and cybernetic concepts that underpin the ‘neural networks’ in which the Na’vi and their sacred trees are joined, as well as to the mind-linking to the avatars themselves.From popular science journalist and acclaimed science fiction author Stephen Baxter, THE SCIENCE OF AVATAR is a guide to the rigorous fact behind the fiction. It will enhance the readers’ enjoyment of the movie experience by drawing them further into its imagined world.


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Baxter Stephen
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