Bernhardt William - Capitol Threat

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Автор: Bernhardt William
Название: Capitol Threat
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Издательский дом: Random House, Inc.
Год издания: 2007
Ben Kincaid is now a U.S. senator, but he barely has time to settle into his office before he has another murder to solve. Thaddeus Roush, Supreme Court nominee, has just revealed he is gay, and when the body of a woman is discovered during Roush's press conference--and Roush's partner is implicated in her death--Ben comes to the man's defense. Bernhardt has his formula down pat by now (the first Kincaid novel,, appeared in 1992), and those familiar with the series won't encounter many surprises. This one will feel either tired or comfortable, depending on whether readers think of Kincaid as an old friend.


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Bernhardt William
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