Burke James - Half of Paradise

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Автор: Burke James
Название: Half of Paradise
Жанр: Роман
Издательский дом: Hyperion
Год издания: 1965
Toussaint Boudreaux, a docker — hardworking and looking for a break — earns extra cash as a prize fighter. But the only break he gets lands him in gaol and then on a chain gang. Avery Broussard, wayward son of an old plantation family, loses his freedom for a cartload of Prohibition moonshine and finds himself attached to the same work camp as Boudreaux. Neither would have chosen the life — blood, sweat and tears come with the territory — but each is determined to make the best of it or find a way out. HALF OF PARADISE is a powerful novel of people from very different backgrounds who find their destinies tragically intertwined.


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Burke James
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