Carey Peter - Illywhacker

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Автор: Carey Peter
Название: Illywhacker
Жанр: Современная проза
"Illywhacker is such an astonishing novel, of such major proportions, that before saying anything else one must record gratitude for its existence." – Geoffrey Dutton, Bulletin"The finest and funniest picaresque novel yet written in Australia" – Peter Pierce National Times"A great tottering tower of a novel which stands up astonishingly against all the odds." – Victoria Glendinning, London Sunday Times"It is impossible to convey in a review the cumulative brilliance and accelerating hilarity of the prose." – Nicholas Spice, London Review of Books"Awesome breadth, ambition and downright narrative joy…Illywhacker is a triumph." – Curt Suplee, ...


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Carey Peter
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