Carter Nick - Peking & The Tulip Affair

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Автор: Carter Nick
Название: Peking & The Tulip Affair
Жанр: Шпионский детектив
Издательский дом: Award
Год издания: 1969
PEKINGHe had never looked forward to killing but it was different now. When a man isn't even human — when he has a frozen face and steel claws for hands — when he has planned a blood-drenched path of destruction — when his name is Martin Bormann — then Nick Carter's emotions about killing take on a terrible, new dimension.Somewhere in Peking, Martin Bormann is working on a terrifying mind-altering drug, a drug that could snuff out lives more quickly and more horribly than any atom bomb.Nick Carter has to get Martin Bormann — and the lethal hunt takes Killmaster from a bizarre Red Chinese bordello to a laboratory manned by robots, to the opulent headquarters of a macabre neo-Nazi movement!THE TULIP AFFAIRIn this second Killmaster espionage thriller, Nick Carter is ordered to destroy a former AXE agent now working as a spy for Peking. Nick's only ally is a Chinese beauty too dangerous to be left alive!


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Carter Nick
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