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Carter Nick - Operation Moon Rocket

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Автор: Carter Nick
Название: Operation Moon Rocket
Жанр: Шпионский детектив
Год издания: 1968
America's astronauts were the targets. Four had been killed so far — with their murderers conveniently found dead just a few hours later.The enemy was known. Red China. But China's mastermind in the U.S. was a mystery. There were five possibilities.Dr. Joy Sun, the beautiful NASA scientist, with a voracious sexual appetite… Alex Simian, the multi-millionaire, with the strange "friends" in China… Major Sollitz, the career officer, with luxurious tastes his meager salary couldn't satisfy… Candy Sweet, the sensuous playgirl, with a lust for bizarre kicks… Reno Tree, the crippled hood, with ambitions to take over a Mafia empire.One of them was in the pay of Red China. But which one? Nick Carter could only wait — with himself as the bait.Killmaster had made his usual bargain with death!


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Carter Nick
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