Chadbourn Mark - The Devils Looking-Glass

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Автор: Chadbourn Mark
Название: The Devils Looking-Glass
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Will Swyfte, Elizabethan England's answer to James Bond, returns in his third swashbuckling supernatural adventure.1593: The dreaded alchemist, black magician and spy Dr John Dee is missing. Terror sweeps through the court of Queen Elizabeth, for in Dee's possession is an obsidian mirror, a mysterious object of great power which legend says could set the world afire. And so the call goes out to celebrated swordsman, adventurer and rake Will Swyfte -- find Dee and his feared looking-glass and return them to London before disaster strikes. But when Will discovers the mirror may help him solve the ...


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Chadbourn Mark
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