Clement Hal - Iceworld

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Автор: Clement Hal
Название: Iceworld
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION magazin
Год издания: 1951
Iceworld is a humorously pointed novel of clashing perspectives, which we may designate as hot versus cold. Even for readers who have not seen H. R. van Dongen's fine cover painting for the novel's first installment in Astounding, Hal Clement does not keep us long in suspense that the planet which is unaccessible because of its climate of extreme cold is our own Earth. In contrast, the dismayed observer, the alien Sallman Ken (also on the cover, not to scale!), is truly hot-blooded. Clement genially introduces mitigating circumstances:Earth, really, is not as bad as all that. Some ...


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Clement Hal
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