Cussler Clive - Trojan Odyssey

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Автор: Cussler Clive
Название: Trojan Odyssey
Жанр: Морские приключения
Издательский дом: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Год издания: 2003
Long hailed as the grand master of adventure fiction, Clive Cussler has continued to astound with the intricate plotting and astonishing set pieces of his novels. Now, with a surprising twist, he gives us his most audacious work yet.In the final pages of *Valhalla Rising*, Dirk Pitt discovered, to his shock, that he had two grown children he had never known-twenty-three-year-old fraternal twins born to a woman he thought had died in an underwater earthquake. Both have inherited his love of the sea: the girl, Summer, is a marine biologist; the boy, himself named Dirk, is a ...


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Cussler Clive
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