David Peter - Out of the Darkness

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Автор: David Peter
Название: Out of the Darkness
Жанр: Космоопера
Издательский дом: Del Rey
Год издания: 2000
Centauri Prime declares war on the Interstellar Alliance in Book Three of the epic trilogy that continues ’s brilliant legacy…Blind to the fact that he is a pawn in the Drakh’s deadly strategy, Centauri prime minister Durla launches an overwhelming blitzkrieg, sending Centauri warships to devastate other races’ homeworlds and pave the way for total conquest. Yet Durla is forced to fight a war on two fronts. Even as he mobilizes the massive space fleet for its glorious attack, resistance leader Vir Cotto works feverishly to counter the Drakh’s evil influence on Centauri Prime....


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David Peter
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