Douglass Keith - Specter

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Автор: Douglass Keith
Название: Specter
Жанр: Боевик
Издательский дом: Berkley
Год издания: 1995
In the former Yugoslavia, the wars still rage. And across the border in Greek Macedonia, a fanatical group of extremists is trying to break away from Greece — no matter what the cost. To prove it, they have kidnapped a U.S. congressional delegation and plan to hold a vicious, terroristic execution within hours.Lt. Blake Murdock and his SEALs are going in. They must spearhead a daring rescue mission and get the delegates out in one piece — and give those responsible a taste of extreme SEAL prejudice. If Murdock and his men fail, the blood of innocent Americans will be turning Greek soil red.


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Douglass Keith
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