Eriksson Kjell - The princess of Burundi

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Автор: Eriksson Kjell
Название: The princess of Burundi
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
The Princess of Burundi begins, benignly enough, with a morning jog. The run turns deadly when the jogger finds a mutilated body in the snow. The victim is soon identified as the town+s reformed troublemaker and an expert on tropical fish.Inspector Ann Lindell, despite being on maternity leave, is determined to find the brutal killer. Soon enough she is drawn into a cruel cat-and-mouse game that leads to the deadliest of confrontations.Like previous winners Peter Hoeg and Henning Mankell, Kjell Eriksson makes a stunning U.S. debut with this engrossing novel.


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Eriksson Kjell
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