Gemmell David - Shield of Thunder

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Автор: Gemmell David
Название: Shield of Thunder
Жанр: Исторические приключения
Год издания: 2011
The second novel in David Gemmell’s bestselling Troy trilogy. Interlacing myth and history, and high adventure, this is epic storytelling at its very best.War is looming, and all the kings of the Great Green are gathering, each with their own dark plans of conquest and plunder.Into this maelstrom of treachery come three travellers: Piria, a runaway priestess nursing a terrible secret; Kalliades, a warrior with high ideals and a legendary sword; and his close friend Banokles, who will carve his own legend in the battles to come.Together they journey to the fabled city of Troy, where a darkness is falling that will eclipse the triumphs and personal tragedies of ordinary mortals for centuries to come.


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Gemmell David
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