Hagberg David - Rise of the Machines

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Автор: Hagberg David
Название: Rise of the Machines
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
The novel of the blockbuster hit filmFor two generations of moviegoers, the Terminator movies have defined adrenaline-soaked action filmmaking. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a machine from the future, a machine who can take--or save--lives, capable of enormous violence and destruction, these films are the quintessential action thrillers of the new millennium.Now, twelve years after, Schwarzenegger is back in a new Terminator film that is even more exciting and action-packed than the first two films. With incredible new computer-generated imagery and an enormous arsenal of new effects, , is a roller-coaster ride that moviegoers won't be ...


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Hagberg David
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