Halliday Brett - When Dorinda Dances

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Автор: Halliday Brett
Название: When Dorinda Dances
Жанр: Крутой детектив
Издательский дом: Dell
Год издания: 1960
Suddenly there was an electrifying fanfare from the orchestra, and bright blue moonlight flared out from the semi-circle of spots on the floor.Dorinda leaped from nowhere. The clean, taut lines of her slim, nude body were breathtakingly beautiful. Abandon and wild desire were in every movement of her lovely, supple form.Just a sweet little college girl from a nice family taking some extra curricular courses in exotic dancing at a joint called La Roma.No one could dance like Dorinda. Shayne had to admit she was dynamite, but her explosive act was about to be broken up by murder.


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Halliday Brett
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