Hamilton Peter - If at First...

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Автор: Hamilton Peter
Название: If at First...
Жанр: Рассказ
Издательский дом: Del Rey eBooks
Год издания: 2011
Peter F. Hamilton has proven himself a modern master of epic space opera, carrying the tradition of far-future empire building begun by Heinlein and Asimov into the new millennium. But Hamilton is also a master of the short story, and when he tackles one of science fiction’s most enduring themes-time travel-the result is as provocative as it is entertaining.It starts in 2007 with a break-in. The victim: Marcus Orthew, the financial and technological genius behind Orthanics, the computer company whose radical products have delivered a one-two punch to the industry, all but knocking PCs and Macs out ...


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Hamilton Peter
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