Hammett Dashiell - Woman In The Dark

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Автор: Hammett Dashiell
Название: Woman In The Dark
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
A young, frightened, foreign woman appears at the door of an isolated house. The man and woman inside take her in. Other strangers appear in pursuit of the girl. Menace is in the air.Originally published in 1933, Hammett's  shows the author at the peak of his narrative powers. With an introduction by Robert B. Parker, the author of the celebrated Spenser novels.From Publishers WeeklyOther than Nick Charles in The Thin Man , Hammett's protagonists have never been particularly successful romantically. "Brazil," in this story, is with mixed results. Luise Fischer stumbles into Brazil's remote country ...


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Hammett Dashiell
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