Hand Elizabeth - Icarus Descending

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Автор: Hand Elizabeth
Название: Icarus Descending
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Though billed as a novel about the Earth imperiled by a colliding asteroid, and though such an asteroid, called Icarus, does indeed threaten the planet in Hand's third novel, readers should not expect a familiar near-future disaster thriller. Instead, Hand combines a variety of science fiction elements into an original and colorful weave. Hundreds of years in the future, various factions war over Earth's fading resources, and ''geneslaves''―the products of genetic engineering―serve their human Masters. But that's changing. An ancient military android, dubbed Metatron, has fomented a rebellion of the geneslaves. The Aviator 'Imperator' Margalis Tast'annin, who ...


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Hand Elizabeth
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