Henrick Richard - Sea Devil

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Автор: Henrick Richard
Название: Sea Devil
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Zebra
Год издания: 1990
Equipped with the latest in stealth design and technology, fully armed and virtually invisible to conventional military tracking devices. Sea Devil is the lethal new submarine in a deadly enemy fleet. Under the command of renegade Admiral Igor Starobin, this top secret weapon spearheads a Code One operation to penetrate and destroy the U.S. Navy base at Holy Loch, Scotland, the strategic core of NATO’S defense advantage.Pentagon special investigator Commander Brad Mackenzie knows that the next secret enemy strike will occur along the unprotected shores of Scotland. At the helm of the super attack sub USS , Mackenzie is soon locked in combat with the Sea Devil, chasing shadow signals and sound signatures in a desperate battle that will decide the future of the free world!


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Henrick Richard
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