Henrick Richard - Under the Ice

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Автор: Henrick Richard
Название: Under the Ice
Жанр: Триллер
Издательский дом: Zebra
Год издания: 1989
The Soviet Premier's airplane suddenly veers off course, far above the frozen Canadian wilderness — and shockingly close to a brand new, state-of — the-art NORAD radar installation. Is the Soviet action a simple error or a tactical slap in the face?A squadron of crack F-15 interceptors and a squad of Canadian Arctic rangers race to the region where the plane has disappeared. Simultaneously, the new Baffin Island radar station goes active, showing NATO's hand, but poised to fend off a global crisis with the highest stakes. The U.S. Naval Arctic Weapons lab provides support with an untested ...


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Henrick Richard
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