Heppner Vaughn - The Lost Starship

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Автор: Heppner Vaughn
Название: The Lost Starship
Жанр: Космоопера
Издательский дом: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Год издания: 2014
Ten thousand years ago, a single alien super-ship survived a desperate battle. The vessel's dying crew set the AI on automatic to defend the smashed rubble of their planet. Legend has it the faithful ship continues to patrol the empty battlefield, obeying its last order throughout the lonely centuries.In the here and now, Earth needs a miracle. Out of the Beyond invade the New Men, stronger, faster and smarter than the old. Their superior warships and advanced technology destroy every fleet sent to stop them. Their spies have infiltrated the government and traitors plague Earth’s military.


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Heppner Vaughn
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