Höst Andrea - Voice of the Lost

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Автор: Höst Andrea
Название: Voice of the Lost
Жанр: Фэнтези
The conclusion of the story begun in "The Silence of Medair". A glossary of terms can be found at the end of the book.Five hundred years after the Empire she served fell before the Ibisian invasion, Medair has betrayed her Emperor’s memory by helping the descendants of the invaders. She knows she will be reviled, that to thousands she is hero-become-villain. Her one goal is to return to the hidden cave where she slept out of time, and hope that she wakes in a world where the name Medair an Rynstar has been forgotten.Assassins, armies, and desperate magic complicate Medair’s plan of escape, leading her inexorably to face the very people her choice has cost the most. She has learned that you can never to return to your past, or run from the consequences of your actions, but can she find a way to live in defeat?


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Höst Andrea
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