Iles Greg - The Devils Punchbowl

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Автор: Iles Greg
Название: The Devils Punchbowl
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
With his gift for crafting “a keep-you engaged- to-the-very-last-page thriller” () at full throttle, Greg Iles brings back the unforgettable Penn Cage in this electrifying suspense masterpiece.Penn Cage was elected mayor of Natchez, Mississippi—the hometown he returned to after the death of his wife—on a tide of support for change. Two years into his term, casino gambling has proved a sure bet for bringing new jobs and fresh money to this fading jewel of the Old South. But deep inside the , a fantastical repurposed steamboat, a depraved hidden world draws high-stakes players with money to ...


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Iles Greg
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