Johnstone William - Anarchy in the Ashes

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Автор: Johnstone William
Название: Anarchy in the Ashes
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
In the hellish aftermath of germ and nuclear warfare, plague, pillage and bloody anarchy rule our once proud nation. There's only a slim chance America will make it through the dark days - and only one man has the guts to lead a courageous band of rebels against the enemies of freedom: Ben Raines, retired soldier, ultimate patriot, and a visionary driven by a dream of government by the people, for the people.But a ruthless mercenary named Sam Harline has put together a mammoth army of invading Russians that could not only decimate Raines and his rebel forces, but crush the dream that was - and is - America.__________________“We have to bring back the laws upon which this nation was founded. A lot of people are going to die before it happens. This is the price we pay for defending freedom.” —BEN RAINES


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Johnstone William
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