Jungstedt Mari - The Dangerous Game

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Автор: Jungstedt Mari
Название: The Dangerous Game
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
The latest thriller from 'one of Scandinavia's best crime writers' 'Times'. When Jenny is spotted by a high-profile modelling agency, she goes from ordinary schoolgirl to celebrity overnight. Suddenly her life is a whirlwind of parties and glamour. Agnes used to be a model too – but now she lies in a hospital bed, slowly being destroyed by an eating disorder. Her father sits by her day after day, praying that his only remaining daughter survives. An attempted murder during a lavish photoshoot means that Jenny's and Agnes' lives will soon intersect in the most terrifying of ways.


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Jungstedt Mari
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Отзывы читателей

Сергей, 2018-09-20 20:29:13
Очень интересная книга промыслу,даеца три эпизода из жизни и он в цирке событий