Koontz Dean - Anti-Man

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Автор: Koontz Dean
Название: Anti-Man
Жанр: Ужасы
Издательский дом: Paperback Library
Год издания: 1970
Sam was an android.His flesh was the ultimate miracle of science, artificially created and completely self-sustaining. And he had the unusual power to heal others. In fact, Sam was too good to live.The world was overpopulated. Medicine had made the decision to stop trying to prolong life. Thus anyone who was not only immune to disease but who healed the dying was dangerous to the now precarious balance of nature.The order was issued by the Secret Police: "Disassemble Sam and destroy all records of his existence."But one man couldn't bear to see the work of a lifetime destroyed. He kidnapped Sam and began to run.Now they were enemies of the State — hunted like animals, hurtling toward the terrifying secret of existence itself


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Koontz Dean
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