Lackey Mercedes - Exiles Valor

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: Exiles Valor
Жанр: Фэнтези
Herald Alberich is now the collegium Weaponsmaster by day, spy for valdemar by night, and is personal for ensuring the Queen's safety whenever the call is there. Selenay, now Queen Selenay, is on the throne but only just. Still in mourning for her father, the late King Sendar, the Council is putting pressure on her to marry for they don't beleive a young female can rule alone. But the last thing a young girl like Selenay wants is a state marriage with someone she doesn't know or someone that isn't even close to her own age. But a ray of light crosses the young Queen's path in the shape of Karathanalen, the prince of Rethwellan, and she finds her romance at last. But something strange is brewing and none of the Heralds or their Companions can quite figure out what it is. Alberich rumages throughout the slums of valdemar in his many disguises but finds only subtle clues and coded messages. Someone is plotting against the new Queen, but who it it?


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Lackey Mercedes
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