Lackey Mercedes - Magics Price

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: Magics Price
Жанр: Фэнтези
In this book, Valdemar is in trouble. Karse, the religious/evil country to the South is waging a ruthless attack against Valdemar's borders. But more importantly, a dark Mage of unknown strength is preparing a final massing strike into Valdemar. Vanyel meets a young Bard named Stefen and falls in love with him. He finds out that not only is he in love, he is lifebonded, just as he and Tylendel were. Is this Tylendel's reincarnated soul? King Randale is near death from illness, so Vanyel has temporarily taken on most of the King's duties. As if this is not enough, all of the Herald-Mages are mysteriously being murdered off, one by one, until finally there is only Vanyel left. The dark master challenges Vanyel. He receives a vision in his dreams that reveals to his just what would happen if he and his companion Yfandes were to accept that challenge. If they should fail this fight, they will both be asked to pay the ultimate price. But if they flee, Valdemar will fall.


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Lackey Mercedes
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