Lackey Mercedes - The Black Gryphon

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: The Black Gryphon
Жанр: Фэнтези
This book is the first in the Valdemar series, though it was published after most of them. Here, we get to meet Urtho, the powerful Mage of Silence, and Skandranon, the great Black Gryphon. This book takes place in the last years of the Mage Wars between Urtho and the evil Adept BloodPath-Mage Ma'ar. Also in this book we meet AmberDrake, Skan's close Kestra'chern friend. Kestra'chern's are healers of mind & spirit as well as body. We also meet Zhaneel, a Gryfalcon, and the first of her kind created by Urtho; Kechara, a misborn gryphon that has such a strong Mind gift that Urtho hides and protects her in his Tower; Cinnibar, who is a skilled Healer; Cinnibar's lifebonded, Tamsin; and Gesten, a friendly hertasi that becomes friends with Skan and Drake. Find out in this book how Urtho defeats the evil Ma'ar and how the Cataclysm effects the world for many centuries thereafter


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Lackey Mercedes
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