Lackey Mercedes - The White Gryphon

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: The White Gryphon
Жанр: Фэнтези
During the Final battle with the evil Ma'ar, Urtho told his people to escape the tower by way of mage Gate and flee as far as they could go. Skandrannon and AmberDrake, and some of the Kaled'a'in peoples ended up South, next to the sea. They decided, since there was no way to return to the tower and the other peoples, to build White Gryphon. 10 years later, they received a suprise. Little did they know that this land was already taken by the Haighlei Empire, the Black Kings of the South. Skan, Zhaneel, and AmberDrake decided to make Allies of these people, but soon after they arrive in Haighlei, treachery begins. A Court noble, who is opposite the Alliance, is murdered by what looks like large talons. If Skan doesn't prove his innocence, White Gryphon an their lives would be in danger.


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Lackey Mercedes
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