Lackey Mercedes - Winds Of Change

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: Winds Of Change
Жанр: Фэнтези
As a dark BloodPath-Mage continues to attack the borders of the k'Sheyna Vale, Darkwind continues to train Elspeth while, at the same time, receive training for his dormant mage power from his dear friends, the Gryphons Treyvan and his mate Hydona. But another problem persists, and that is of the renegade HeartStone. This HeartStone is so unstable it is like it has a mind of its own. If Mornelithe Falconsbane, the dark mage, were to get his "paws" on this he could have all the power he would ever hope for. Darkwinds calls for help from the other Tayledras clans. He receives as answer from Clan k'Treva, the same clan that trained Herald Vanyel. His answer came in the form of a very powerful Healing-Adept named Firesong. They all must work together to move the heartstone to its new vale, the one where half the clan was originally sent, because time is short ad Mornelithe Falconsbane is winning the fight.


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Lackey Mercedes
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