Lackey Mercedes - Winds Of Fury

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Автор: Lackey Mercedes
Название: Winds Of Fury
Жанр: Фэнтези
This is a book of change. The Clan k'Sheyna was successfully moved to its new Vale and Darkwind, Elspeth, Firesong, the 2 gryphons and their children head for Valdemar. There, the evil mage Ancar is threatening to attack because the "borders" protecting Valdemar were brought down by an OLD friend. (Find out who that is by reading). Ancar, who is only a half-trained Master at best, decided to be stupid and try a Gate spell, one which only Adepts can control. During this spell, he managed not to kill himself but the Gate brought him a "present"; The injured, half-dead ...


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Lackey Mercedes
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