Läckberg Camilla - The Gallows Bird

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Автор: Läckberg Camilla
Название: The Gallows Bird
Жанр: Детективы: прочее
The new psychological thriller from No 1 bestselling Swedish crime sensation Camilla Läckberg.A woman is found dead, apparently the victim of a tragic car crash. It's the first in a spate of seemingly inexplicable accidents in Tanumshede and marks the end of a quiet winter for detective Patrik Hedstrom and his colleagues.At the same time a reality TV show is being shot in the town. As cameras shadow the stars' every move, relations with the locals are strained to breaking point. When a drunken party ends with a particularly unpopular contestant's murder, the cast and crew are obvious suspects. Could there be a killer in their midst?As the country tunes in, the bodies mount up. Under the intense glare of the media spotlight, Patrik faces his toughest investigation yet…


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Läckberg Camilla
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