Lee Edward - The Backwoods

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Автор: Lee Edward
Название: The Backwoods
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Looking for evil is one thing. Finding is another. When Patricia White re-visits her backwoods home, an atrocious secret from her past isn’t the only thing that begins to haunt her. Creepy, erotic, and relentless, THE BACKWOODS delivers up a new kind of horror in a foreboding terrain of reclusive hillfolk, demented murder mysteries, and soul-searing horror. Has the town Patricia calls home really been cursed? No, it’s been blessed. By an unspeakable evil older than sin.From Publishers WeeklyAt the start of Lee's peculiar and uneasily convincing mix of sex and violence, 40-ish ...


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Lee Edward
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