McCammon Robert - Mister Slaughter

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Автор: McCammon Robert
Название: Mister Slaughter
Жанр: Триллер
Год издания: 2009
Murder and ghoulish mayhem are the order of the day in bestseller McCammon's colorful third thriller featuring "problem-solver" Matthew Corbett and his escapades in early 18th-century America. After confronting a criminal mastermind in  (2007), Matthew finds himself a celebrity whose exploits have become sensational fodder for colonial tabloids. This heady attention contributes to a bad lapse of judgment when he and his senior associate, Hudson Greathouse, accidentally allow a brutal murderer, Tyranthus Slaughter, to give them the slip while they transport him to prison in Philadelphia. The rousing narrative details Matthew's dogged pursuit of the indestructible Tyranthus as the killer cuts a bloody swath through the Pennsylvania wilderness. McCammon shows a sure hand balancing scenes of Matthew's quiet contemplation with the cold-blooded carnage that makes his quarry's name so appropriate.


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McCammon Robert
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