McElroy Joseph - Women and Men

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Автор: McElroy Joseph
Название: Women and Men
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Knopf
Год издания: 1987
Beginning in childbirth and entered like a multiple dwelling in motion, Women and Men embraces and anatomizes the 1970s in New Yorkfrom experiments in the chaotic relations between the sexes to the flux of the city itself. Yet through an intricate overlay of scenes, voices, fact, and myth, this expanding fiction finds its way also across continents and into earlier and future times and indeed the Earth, to reveal connections between the most disparate lives and systems of feeling and power. At its breathing heart, it plots the fuguelike and fieldlike densities of late-twentieth-century life.McElroy rests a ...


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McElroy Joseph
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