Murphy Warren - Bay City Blast

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Автор: Murphy Warren
Название: Bay City Blast
Жанр: Детективная фантастика
"Yes," Smith said, "he is taking over the city. He is giving an open invitation to organized crime to move its operations into Bay City. He's opening the piers so that contraband can move in and out easily, so drugs can flow freely. Mob interests are coming from all over the country . . . setting up cutting rooms and jewelry factories for stolen diamonds . . . printing facilities for counterfeit stock certificates and securities . . . major counting rooms for what may become the nation's biggest illegal gambling operations. It'll be the crime capital of the U.S. within a few months!" "Well, there's capitalism at work again. Proving that our system works best," Remo said. " . . . And we want you and Chiun to keep him alive. Of course, he won't know who you are or who you work for," Smith said. "Or why. Which includes us, as usual. But that's OK, if we can't kill him with kindness, then we'll CURE him," Remo said. "Let's not get into that," Smith gasped.


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Murphy Warren
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