Nesser Håkan - The Unlucky Lottery

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Автор: Nesser Håkan
Название: The Unlucky Lottery
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
Four pensioners celebrate the fact that they have won 20,000 kronor in the lottery. Just hours later, one of them - Waldemar Leverkuhn - is found in his home, stabbed to death. With Chief Inspector Van Veeteren on sabbatical, working in a second hand bookshop, the case is assigned to Inspector M nster. But when another member of the lottery group disappears, as well as Leverkuhn's neighbour, M nster appeals to Van Veeteren for assistance. Soon M nster will find himself interviewing the Leverkuhn family, including the eldest - Irene - a resident of a psychiatric clinic. And as he delves deeper into the family's history, he will discover dark secrets and startling twists, which not only threaten the clarity of the case - but also his life . . .


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Nesser Håkan
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