Peace David - Tokyo Year Zero

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Автор: Peace David
Название: Tokyo Year Zero
Жанр: Современная проза
Издательский дом: Knopf
Год издания: 2007
It's August 1946—one year after the Japanese surrender — and women are turning up dead all over Tokyo. Detective Minami of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police — irreverent, angry, despairing — goes on the hunt for a killer known as the Japanese Bluebeard — a decorated former Imperial soldier who raped and murdered at least ten women amidst the turmoil of post-war Tokyo. As he undertakes the case, Minami is haunted by his own memories of atrocities that he can no longer explain or forgive. Unblinking in its vision of a nation in a chaotic, hellish period in its history, is a darkly lyrical and stunningly original crime novel.


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Peace David
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