Rowland Diana - White Trash Zombie Apocalypse

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Автор: Rowland Diana
Название: White Trash Zombie Apocalypse
Жанр: Городское фэнтези
Издательский дом: DAW BOOKS
Год издания: 2013
Our favorite white trash zombie, Angel Crawford, has enough problems of her own, what with dealing with her alcoholic, deadbeat dad, issues with her not-quite boyfriend, the zombie mafia, industrial espionage and evil corporations. Oh, and it's raining, and won't let up.But things get even crazier when a zombie movie starts filming in town, and Angel begins to suspect that it's not just the plot of the movie that's rotten. Soon she's fighting her way through mud, blood, bullets and intrigue, even as zombies, both real and fake, prowl the streets.Angel's been through more than her share of crap, but this time she's in way over her head. She'll need plenty of brainpower to fit all the pieces—and body parts—together in order to save herself, her town, and quite possibly the human race. 


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Rowland Diana
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