Sharp Zoe - Riot Act

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Автор: Sharp Zoe
Название: Riot Act
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
'An exciting...entertaining first novel' Sunday Telegraph 'One of the best crime debuts for years' Yorkshire PostA self-defence expert with a motorbike and an attitude, Charlie Fox doesn't need to go looking for trouble. It generally finds her. House-sitting for a friend seemed like an easy favour at first but the house in question is in the Lavender Garden Estate. Teenage gangs are running riot and Charlie's desperate neighbours have been forced to employ an expensive - and ruthless - security firm to apply rough justice where the legal kind has failed. The situation gets even uglier when a young Asian boy is fatally wounded in what appears to be a racially motivated shooting. Caught in the middle of an urban battlefield, Charlie's more than able to take care of herself but then she comes face to face with a spectre from her army past. As the tensions rise, lives will depend on Charlie working out just who she can really trust...


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Sharp Zoe
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