Sharp Zoe - Third Strike

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Автор: Sharp Zoe
Название: Third Strike
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
s *down—but not out…*The last person that professional bodyguard, Charlotte “Charlie” Fox ever expected to see self-destruct was her own father, an eminent surgeon. But when he admits to gross professional misconduct on a New York news program, Charlie can’t just stand by and watch his downfall.Her father has always been cold towards Charlie, and rejects her help at every turn. The good doctor has never made a secret of his disapproval of Charlie’s careeror her relationship with her boss, Sean Meyer. Now, just as Charlie and Sean are settling in to their new life in the States, her dad seems determined to go down in a blazing lack of glory.  But he has not bargained on his daughter’s ruthless streak. And when the game turns deadly, Charlie will need to stake her father’s life—as well as her own—against a formidable foe…


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Sharp Zoe
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