Slaughter Karin - Fractured

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Автор: Slaughter Karin
Название: Fractured
Жанр: Триллер
‘No one does American small-town evil more chillingly… Slaughter tells a dark story that grips and doesn't let go' – The Times‘Without doubt an accomplished, compelling and complex tale, with page-turning power aplenty' – Daily Express‘Slaughter deftly turns all assumptions on their head… Her ability to make you buy into one reality, then another, means that the surprises – and the violent scenes – keep coming' – Time Out‘A great read… crime fiction at its finest' – MICHAEL CONNELLY‘A fast-paced and unsettling story… A compelling and fluid read' – Daily Telegraph‘Criminally spectacular' – OK!‘Slaughter knows ...


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Slaughter Karin
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