Tranter Nigel - The Steps to the Empty Throne

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Автор: Tranter Nigel
Название: The Steps to the Empty Throne
Жанр: Старинная литература: прочее
The heroic story of Robert the Bruce and his passionate struggle forScotland’s freedomTHE STEPS TO THE EMPTY THRONETHE PATH OF THE HERO KINGTHE PRICE OF THE KING’S PEACEIn a world of treachery and violence, Scotland’s most famous hero unites his people in a deadly fight for national survival.In 1296 Edward Plantagenet, King of England, was determined to bludgeon the freedom-loving Scots into submission. Despite internal clashes and his fierce love for his antagonist’s goddaughter, Robert the Bruce, both Norman lord and Celtic earl, took ...


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Tranter Nigel
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