Vachss Andrew - Hard Candy

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Автор: Vachss Andrew
Название: Hard Candy
Жанр: Триллер
"Vachss is a contemporary master." – Atlanta Journal Constitution"His writing has the power of a rogue elephant." – Cleveland Plain-Dealer"A confection from Hell- a poison pill laced with acid and wrapped in razor-edged concertina wire." – Courier-Post (Philadelphia)"Jolting…eerily seductive." – Washington Times"Each [Burke book] is as savage as Celine. And there it is, a three sentence throwaway paragraph, as pure as Euclid. I'm a sucker for such Elegance." – Newsday"It's wonderful. The words do leap off the page. The principal character is an original. The style is as clean as a haiku." – Washington ...


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Vachss Andrew
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