Watts Peter - Hillcrest v. Velikovsky

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Автор: Watts Peter
Название: Hillcrest v. Velikovsky
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Lacey Hillcrest of Pensacola, 50 years old and a devout Pentecostal, had been diagnosed with inoperable lymphatic cancer and given six months to live. Five years later she was still alive. She attributed her survival to a decorative silver-plated cross received from her sister, Gracey Balfour.On the morning of 27 June, Mrs Hillcrest and her sister patronized the Museum of Quackery and Pseudoscience, owned and managed by one Linus C. Velikovsky, where she got to know about placebo. Within a month she was dead.The charge against Mr Velikovsky was negligent homicide.


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Watts Peter
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