Xingjian Gao - Soul Mountain (chinese)

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Автор: Xingjian Gao
Название: Soul Mountain (chinese)
Жанр: Современная проза
"Soul Mountain is one of those singular literary creations that seem impossible to compare with anything but themselves… In the writing of Gao Xingjian literature is born anew from the struggle of the individual to survive the history of the masses."– from the citation of the Nobel Prize committee of the Swedish AcademyWhen this year's Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Chinese expatriate novelist and playwright Gao Xingjian, few in the English-speaking West were familiar with his work. Gao's masterpiece, SOUL MOUNTAIN (PerfectBound, an e-book from HarperCollins; February 20, 2001; $19.95), is a dazzling kaleidoscope of fiction, philosophy, ...


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  Xingjian Gao
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