Бова Бен - THX 1138

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Автор: Бова Бен
Название: THX 1138
Жанр: Научная фантастика
Издательский дом: Paperback Library
Год издания: 1971
A novelization of the 1971 film directed by George Lucas.The perfectly controlled society.Its citizens are conceived in test tubes, nourished in vats, educated intravenously, watched by monitors, made docile by drugs.The Adam of this 25th century Eden is THX 1138; the Eve is his beautiful roommate LUH 3417. Having yielded to the temptation not to take her state-prescribed drugs, she lures THX into committing the same crime. How could anyone know? she argues.But the electronic monitor is all-seeing; instead of archangels with flaming swords there are police robots with cattle prods—and if there are any gates to this Eden, no one knows where…


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Бова Бен
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